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This is the End , Beautiful Friend the End ....


It remains to be seen... However, take solace in that an idea cannot be stopped by something as silly as dev's going AWOL, it will find a way...

hint hint...

Parallel project in the works aiming to revive this genre. Still a while off, but hey, waited this long already...

(not intended to compete with Moon Breakers should it magically come back to life, but if this project completes and launches before that happens, no guarantees)

 I thought it ended for you a couple of months ago Snubby ;)


Is it truly done?  Work has been hectic and I haven't really had a chance to play. How you guys been?  Praetorians, miss you guys...


Last I checked the servers were still running.  Its more a matter of (a) the dev's absence from forums & non-response to emails since early September, plus (b) Snubby tired of the game in its current form a few months ago & probably just wants to vent at its lack of progress.

Its not like you to give up or has the bong supply been wrecked as you sound remorseful?  

Just remember the phoenix! ! !


Hi Ken, The Praetorians are here and play at times but there are only so many times you can kill a carrier or shoot em up.

As for done..........I ain't heard no fat lady!, although Snubby has Fish!  LOL

There is no end... Only Zuul

 So... Guns of Icarus anyone?


as long as the servers are running I will pay and play this game.

There is nothing else out there like it, so telling this is the end, means you have something new, and I thing it is some sorf of half-3D-first person shooter.

Well MB is a full-3D FPS. So I will stick to it, till is rises again or dies in the human history ...

but still: so long, though I had never the chance to fly againt you ;)

Indeed, there's still nothing out there like it. Btw I'm sure you've flown against [Praetor] Snubby aka Golden Wizard before ;)



There's nobody else like him lol

I'll keep playing until the servers don't let us back in.

Oh don't say that, well you have and you know how GW gets LOL !

we won;t be able to talk to him wiithout making appointments now  ;-)

 You guys are pleging your undying love and here I am jumping from the sinking ship.
By the nine you made me cry.
I guess I can come and play a bit more.

We all to some degree do not want this game to go south, but the fact of the matter is without feedback or contact from the Dev(s) on a 'Beta' game that is how it seems.

I still enjoy the game, get one he!! of a laugh out of it and as Longshot there's nothing out there presently like it.  Friday was the largest gathering of Praetors I have seen for ages and was a lot of fun to play.  I even was asked "who was I" and "how long had I been playing to get 4 bars"  There was definitely a holding waiting for my response! LOL, LOL 


So much fun... it has been nice playing with you guys... specially those from "back in the day" (the Chromers)

We know who we are Mr Chaos!  We're still around, too, so feel free to jump in anytime.

Relax , I'm not going anywhere.  ;)

Relax , I'm not going anywhere.  ;)

why are you leaving Mike?  ;)


so i also couldnt hold my word on paying the monthly fee, as i had also a  money shoratage and then then switched to MWO.
But that was also good so, one must learn, a dead is a dead and it happen in any universe ...
So long and see you all some where in time :)
Praetor Grant is a lotta fun... Hey you guys we need to revive this awesome game any ol' way we can.
Been thinking about trying it out again, but never seem to get around to it.  Might have to give it another go.

Have you checked out the player forum?  Loads of good info there that should still be applicable.

- Loki [Praetor]