William Johnson (Engineer) 5 years ago • updated by MFD_IT 4 years ago 11
Allowing squadrons to have members from multiple regions will cause problems.  The normal match-making system will only allow adjacent regions to fight (Based on feedback saying that USWEST to EUWEST has bad latency... especially for people in Australia (you guys will matchmake with USWest until your number grow)).  If players are separated by too much distance the quality of the games will suffer.  This will be especially noticeable in squadrons matches.  Restricting squadrons to only contains players from a single region will allow me to ensure a reasonable level of latency in all matches.

However, I don't know how big of an issue this is.  If those interested in squadrons really want no restrictions, then that is what you'll get.  But keep in mind that there will be problems caused by this.  I may have to kick players from squadrons matches if there latency is too high, or make matches with too much latency 'unofficial' and not affect the ladder.

ping should be shown on the scoreboard, or at least have our own ping displayed on the hud somewhere, so we can better tell how the connections are.
Please bear in mind that at least 3 squadrons have formed already, possibly more, and that their membership spans the globe - also that many players in these squads are accustomed to playing where-ever there's a crowd provided the lag's not too bad.
Lag is usually not an issue for me, but if it is, even if I am in a Game with others that I would prefer to play with, and its bad for me, I drop out. C'est la Vie ;) I don't think its too much of an issue to drop a person or two. I would rather have an enjoyable experience than a bad one.

Sometimes, the lag is a short lived thing. No Big Deal. But Longshot is right, the Squads, or Wings are  from all over. Something to take into consideration. Maybe when selecting a server, that the squad/wing is advised that lag will affect the following players:Player 4 and 8. Then let the squad decide what to do.

While I agree with you on this William, I would suggest making squadrons multi region but force a wing to be from similar regions when they set up the wing in the pre-matchmaking lobby.
As long shot says, the squadrons are world wide, however only a fraction of a squadron will be on line at a time and they will likely be from similar regions so it seems obvious to apply the restriction on a per session level rather than a squadron level.
Agreed.  I'd rather keep the squadrons open and limit battlegroups.
Seems like the best compromise.

isn't possible let open to all and put a control that not permit match if the ping or latency or what better called is too high for a good play ?


In principle I would like to see the servers kicking off high-latency players, or avoiding matchmaking that would result in this. However, there is still the transition to UDP connections which will alleviate a lot of latency issues, so it may be too soon to ask for a hardline stance on latency requirements.

For the time being, as stated by others, it may be best to show your ping in as many places as possible. Any group of players set up outside of the game's matchmaking should not be interfered with automatically - if a high-latency player wants to be there and no one has a problem with it in their group, why not let them? Perhaps a stat like Squad Average Ping or Wing Average Ping could be used to boot the wing/squad collectively when their average ping becomes excessive (approaching 1 second or more).

Battlegroups (randomly assigned groups) ought to have restrictions on latency if for no other reason than for the benefit of newer players. I agree there. But community-created groups are best left to police themselves (or with larger thresholds), they just need the stats and the tools to do so.

I suggest setting a hard maximum number for latency, as well as for packet loss, beyond which the player will automatically be removed from the match and notified via their client that their connectivity is inadequate for smooth gameplay. Let this number be pretty high, allowing those players who will tolerate a little bit of jumping to continue playing uninterrupted, but something that will remove players who have intermittent connectivity, super bad wifi, dial-up connections, etc. who will ony be able to negatively impact the play for others. 


I know it is generally bad to referance other games for ideas (as it tends to make one a sort of copy) but I think this is general enough to where it won't matter...

In a game called "Airmech" ,in it's open beta now, shows net ping levels of the players, if it goes to around 300 (I think) a red button appears that says "LAG" and if you click it, it starts a vote, a nutral
vote for the one being voted on, and the majoirity rules....

I think a system like this would be good on the scoreboard (the "TAB" button scoreboard) as there can be around 20 or 30 players (haven't counted yet... lol) I'm not sure what the implications would be for perfomace on such a system with so many players... but that is my idea for now.

well i think would be good something like that , naturally every add in , that was not ment previusly  have harder insert i guess , so , i just hope is something not hard to add well.