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No word from UBER. No word from IMBA. No word from WJ. UBER announces their next game. Moonbreakers is still on steam, and still accepts payments. What the hell.

With all respect to the creators of this game and everyone who has worked on it, please explain why for 4 months there is absolutely no word from anyone on the status of this game; the only feedback I have heard anyone receiving from anyone on this game since then is generic assistance in launching the game and having it connect to ubernet.

If this game will or will not continue, everyone who has contributed even one cent deserves to know the fate of this game, and more importantly anyone who is considering putting any amount of money into this game needs to be aware if their payment will contribute to a better gaming experience or if this is a dodgy revenue stream for UBERNET now and nothing more.

UBER, IMBA and anyone who 'owns' moonbreakers at this point in part or in whole: this is a friendly warning... Where money is involved, the reason you're asking for it needs to be justified to your potential customers. I am aware that servers need to be paid for to be kept running - fair enough. If you, IMBA, or anyone else working with / under you to develop moonbreakers has suggested that putting money towards this game will help develop it, and it isn't being used for that purpose, you are legally liable for fraud from anyone who has given you any money thinking that it would go towards further development of this game.

To everyone else, if you're unsure about paying for anything in this game, I suggest you do not give any more money to this game until the fate of its development can be confirmed by someone who has the authority to say so either way. You may do as you wish of course, I can't and don't want to forcibly stop you, just keep in mind the above...


I doubt you will get an answer, but I am posting here to give you a bump.  I hope others do the same.  Maybe if enough follow, they will share their plans.


This silence is disgraceful to be honest.  Why can't whoever owns this game communicate with the players who've supported it all year?  Apparently abandoning its development without a word (and continuing to accept money) is shockingly bad PR at best, and at worst its fraudulent behaviour on the part of Ubernet.  Either way, what they've done has made me distrust their intentions.  Who knows for how long the MB servers will be kept running?  Moreover, what are the chances that at some point Ubernet silently abandon some of their other games, leaving paying customers high & dry?

Therefore I for one will not put a single cent into any of Ubernet's games including Planetary Annihilation (the game WJ is now working on instead of MB).  Not until they tell us what's going on with MB and resume development.

I agree with all words written down before me. 

I paid twice for the game. Once for all the packages on steam, and twice by buying the most Hes available, from which i only spent 1000 in the game. Still have more than 11 000 He... Which i cannot spend on anything, and i'm not sure if i will have the possibility to do so... I did it, because i loved the game at first sight.

The game is uniqe in its genre. Everybody agrees with this. Such a shame would it be, if devs abandon it. The community is very good, the game has so much potential in it... I cannot believe what i see. No response at all... Very annoying after months of patience by us towards the devs and game rights owners.

And it is not a question, that i will do everything to get my money back i was not able to spend in the game due to lack of possibilities and developement. Very interesting, that u still accept money, and do nothing for that. We just wanted a single response. We paid for the game. And u show us nothing, that would tell us that u respect ur customers. What will happen to ur other games? The same? U collect money and flee without any single word? What else should we think about it after months of silence?

We just want to play and be treated as we deserve it.

<Reapers> Adama

Freelancer as good but old now...but yeah this was also love @ 1st play :)

i agree with all words.

the game is a great fun. would be more than poor to shut it down.


Question for Uber regarding Moon Breakers found this on uberentertainment. I suggest everyone comment here. pass the word.

Done. Question is will they care enough to respond, even now... Guess we will see...


Marv is angry now too.  (Again)



My what an excellent thread.  Wish I'd thought of writing something like that...

Seriously though, thanks for posting to it, thanks in advance for those who haven't yet.

We need to build pressure on the people who can take this game forward & show that there's paying customers who care.  It will also help deal with the negative snarks who've tried to derail the thread, one with "why are you bothering poor Uber they have better things to do" and the other with "you're wasting your time Uber has nothing to do with this game".

I... Think i made my point very clear there...

Hehe, you're not one for subtlety & tact are you anger :)

When I'm impatient, yeah, a bit too direct sometimes lol... But effective nontheless

Subtlety no longer applies lol... I'm through playing around with uber, and I'm certainly going to leave a trail of broken feelings if anyone there tries to defend uber or derail the question to them. Not joking around anymore... There will be a response or I will respond.

I wonder if it is possible to flag this with steam... I'm sure they wouldn't be thrilled about a game sold through their platform that is blatantly incomplete at time of launch (poor quality product) and without a response from the publisher to say otherwise, potentially taking payments dishonestly... That might remove moon breakers altogether which I don't think anyone wants to happen. the option is always there to try anyway, if things go sour trying to reach uber... Hoping it won't...

Best to keep Steam out of it for now; they'll pull it quickly enough once the game servers stop allowing player connections.


Seems UBER have facebook and twitter. I don't have either (I'm anti-social IRL), but those who do can comment where the impact is greatest.

I already tried to get an answer from UBER via facebook some months ago...no answer.