William Johnson (Engineer) 5 years ago • updated by Complex Lain 4 years ago 26
All Light Fighters have a shorter shield recharge delay.  
The Sidewinder has a really short shield recharge delay and increased shields.
The Stingray has more shields and a powerful boost, but the tank size has been reduced.
Rocket explosion radius increased.
The bug that sometimes prevented players from grabbing the flag in CTF has been fixed.
Default FOV changed to 105.  FOV buttons can now be remapped.
The respawn timer for dropped flags no longer changes based on the amount of time remaining in a match.  
Kingfisher afterburner speed decreased slightly.

Kingfisher ABs were dropped by 10 points as well, but this is largely irrelevant due to the delicious Sidewinder buffs.

Back to flying a Sidewinder. :D
The Viper, Cobra, Mamba and Krait also changed, though I haven't looked to see what's different.

Tried taking the FH-90 into an S&D game.  Quickly realised that its still a flying bullseye & changed to something else :)
All Light fighters had shield delay reduced (usually by 2 seconds).  --wj
For those interested in specifics...
Sidewinder - 4 seconds
Mamba - 5 seconds
Krait & Cobra - 8 seconds
Viper - 10 seconds

Going off memory so could be wrong here (will edit if I am)... So does this mean that viper's shields have been unchanged? No complaints, it's already a tough little mosquito, just clarifying / inquiring.
That was quick lol
Lol that reminds me - my weapons thread will be out of date.  Will catch it up sometime today...
Come on longshot keep up!  LOL

You know me Loki ;-)    I would have been quicker but I didn't see the post.
Carrier Assault appears to play only on the "Broadsides" map now. Can it be reset so that it plays on all maps. Games have been very good with CA wins being +/- 1 torp and CTF games going very well. Thanks. 
I flew the FH-90 in a few matches and it is slowly coming into its own (for me anyway).  I think it depends on which perspective it comes from fighter or bomber pilot who is used to a slow moving craft.

However points are; the cannon is still a little slow 2.24 is too low perhaps 3-5; the missile recharge is good; armour ok.

I think if the larger tank had been left (at least 20) coupled with the increase in boost it would have made a real difference.

Its hard to see what could be done to the Stingray. or any of the complained about ships, to lift it to the point where a fighter pilot would use it constantly (as per Longshot's comment), but then if 'all' the craft were made as agile as one another there would be little point in having the various classes.
I think the cannon needs a bit more base damage, give it the punch needed to take down a light fighter in two shots. Up to 275 from 200.


No I think the cannon may be "overdone" if made more powerful it nearly takes a turret out as is, may-be could be done as a Bomber killer?, but then i aint in charge.

Still think it needs a bit more staying power either in a faster boost refill like the B7 or larger tank, which i believe would lift the craft a hell of a lot!

Ahh... I don't think you understand the damage bonus system, if you upped the base damage it wouldn't do much more against turrets.


I'm starting to warm to this beast now, flying it a lot in S&D just for the variety & lols :)

Honestly I think its got plenty enough punch.  1 shot plus a missile accounts for any light fighter, and its easier getting a missile lock than landing cannon shells.  This thing eats mambas as a tasty mid-morning snack to go with the espresso the pilot sips while waiting for his next target to present.  Rhinos are its breakfast, and other heavies are lunch.  I just love it when another heavy, even an A-80, goes head on at you in this thing.

All I'd like is the ability to boost just a bit longer, for when you need to run & hide.  Its not a pleasant feeling getting caught in the open in this slow tub with no boost and 3 enemies chasing you down ;)

Yes I do understand the damage bonus,  but as with all things there is balance.  If you made exceptional it would just become another hated craft.

+1 thanks much ,

with fh 90 i agree with complex lain or even more acceleration too (drift with cannon is not much of help to aim )

MDF_IT that is what I meant by bomber pilots perception as you don't get chance to do that sort of maneuver much, a fighter pilot would look for it.  In giving the FH-90 more acceleration does it not take away what the Hammerhead has?

talking around flyong capacity yes would be quite similar in effect. fh-90 anyway seems work quite well so too , but not really a fighter ace , in fuball need have much luck in not been too on sight. so , a good ship , but not a jack of all trade.

Increased speed on FH-90 is nice, but was expecting more like 250 ab speed base for such a major reduction in the capacity.

I feel kinda like the G5 just became non-viable on S&D . . . (yes I'm sure there are aces out there who can dominate S&D in any ship in the game, but for us mere mortals)

Does anyone have the actual numbers for the afterburner nerf? I suddenly can't outrun/dodge missiles at all.

Kingfisher AB multiplier 2.75 -> 2.65.  Kingfisher should still be very fast. --wj

Yeah, it seems I was running into the same bug where my afterburner was getting stuck on, only now it was getting stuck off at very bad times.

Check/adjust your keyboard repeat rate.

 Huh... I totally missed this set of patch notes, no wonder I've been kicking ass with rockets as of late.