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Hi, I just wanted to give a few simple guidelines for a more fun (and credit filled) Moonbreakers experience.

 These tips pertain to all ships. there are techniques for flying each ship, for they all have pros and cons. but here are some basics:

DO NOT shoot your guns at nothing !!!!
I can not stress this enough. you over heat your guns and give away your position. 

Know your weapon ranges !  
Don't shoot at a ship just because you can see it. if it doesn't have a yellow box around it , it's NOT in range.

Mamba missles DO NOT TRACK !!!!
You must be RIGHT ON TOP of your target to use these. unless they are not privvy to my next tip

 Sitting duck is a term for a reason. if you aren't moving a lvl 1 Mamba can give the "the whole nine yards" and you wont know what hit you. Unless you are in a bomber, then they need two passes. 

That means the getaway. or turning faster (the idea here is to slowdown real fast then turn and thrust+accelerate in the new direction, this can leave you temporarily vulnerable at the moment before thrusting) or avoiding tracking missles (outrun them).
 Once you are more familiar with your ship or have upgraded it , using thrusters is great for blitz attacks but this leaves you without a quick getaway so there is a trade off. but I digress. 

These are just the (my) basics. Feedback encouraged.
Mind if I post this on the blog? :)
Please do, please do. Feedback encouraged. :) There is a lot to add to this post. 

Well I have something to add. When fighting a much stronger ship and your health is already down try evade them and fly behind moon rocks.This works very well in a mamba because they are ridiculously fast even without a lot of upgrades also when flying away from ships try wiggle your mouse around to avoid any bullets boosting will be needed for this because if they are using a fighter... you might not make it. This also gave me an idea for development of the game. could we please have a rear view radar thing at the bottom of the screen with the rest of the HUD. It means that even the newbies can give the veterans a run for their money

Ed you have my permission to edit any or my posts in part or in full for putting up on the NewsBlog. Feel free to be inspired and run with anythiong also. Not much ego here, well not about this anyway.  ;)
Little Late to say yes, so I'll say thanks instead ;)
Cool, I'd like to add a couple more.

Fire in bursts.
The rate of fire on your guns drops dramatically when they overheat. This can lead to it taking longer to kill an enemy, which gives them time for backup to come in and kill you, or for them to finish off your carrier. Fire when you've got a solid bead and let your guns cool down when you don't.

The most dangerous maneuver in real life dog-fighting is a head to head pass. It tends to leave both fighters a bit shot-up. It's no different here. I'll be the first to admit that I break this rule the most, and I have paid for it every time.

Play to your fighter's strengths.
The Mamba, Sidewinder, and Cobra are fast, agile fighters. They work best in dog-fights and can outrun any other fighter. While they work well as interceptors, they tend to get deaded when they stay glued to a bomber's six. If you are attacking a bomber, weave. This makes you harder to hit and allows you to put more bullets on target because your guns get a chance to cool.
The Stingray, Hammerhead, and Piranha are slower, heavier fighters that use hard hitting weapons and have some pretty heavy shields. They are not really dog-fighters, but a skilled pilot can make one deadly in turning dogfight. They can maintain a longer burst of fire without overheating, and their missiles do track. These are primarily interceptors and escorts that are meant to keep the heavy fighters on the other side busy and the light fighters nervous.
The Rhino, Timberwolf, and Grizzly are bombers, NOT DOG-FIGHTERS! While they do have heavy shields and can maintain their rate of fire for as long as the heavy fighters, they do not have the agility to fight one-on-one with a fighter. These are what you use to take down carriers with. That doesn't mean that they are totally useless in Search and Destroy. A good tactic would be to lure in unsuspecting fighters with a bomber, and then pounce on them as they ignore Golden Wizard's fourth point.

Be aware of your surroundings.
Not just the rocks, but where your allies and enemies are too. Nothing is more embarrassing than slamming into an ally and getting the both of you killed because you weren't paying attention, and I do speak from personal experience. In addition to that, remember that you don't turn on a dime. This can mean the difference between smashing into a rock and going around it to avoid a missile.

I'm not nearly as good as most of the people playing. I just know a little about dog-fighting.
Thanks Adam great post! I kept meaning to mention Burst fire , I  knew I was forgetting something.

As an addition to the advice to avoid head-to-head: if you must, there is a simple technique that will improve your odds - if you enter a jousting match with an opponent, corkscrew (hold down A or D). I find this subtley moves your position, avoiding enemy fire, while keeping your own crosshair firmly planted on the opponent. Also, ending a jousting match with a collision is a great way for you to end up dead - sharply break away at the last minute. This will have the added effect of avoiding any dumbfire missiles they fire in that last moment.

And when surroundings come into play - practice using momentum to get around asteroids. Turning too sharply will make you a sitting duck while you accelerate in a new direction, but


I've seen some people say that dying in a head to head collision means nothing, but that's not the case; every time you crash like this means the opposition gets a kill, which is how Search and Destroy games are won.  Kamikaze tactics will lose the match for you.

In other game types, crashing head on means you leave your teammates stranded and your dominance of that location is lost.

For the environment, a Mamba's low acceleration makes navigating a crowded space a challenge, but if you learn to use your boosters in short bursts while drifting, you can fly circles around anything.

Tap your booster button a couple times rather than holding it down.

I've thought of writing something like this for the last month as well, so here is my advice. Some may contradict that of some others, but I've made it work.

This is the most important thing. Log into an empty server, and just spend time flying. If you want to be truly competitive, you MUST become comfortable with the asteroids. Wedging in between tight cracks, crevices, and being comfortably spinning while shooting at a target, and being "upside down". If you get in the habit of considering something as "rightside up" you are already set up for failure. Be able to spin, adjust and fly at any angle, and as close as you need to to asteroids. And when I say close, I mean CLOSE. Learn to be able how to skim the sides of them where you can hear the gravel scrape the side of your plane and twist and turn around them at high speeds without slowing down. This will also teach you when you should and shouldn't slow down. Aim at points on the rocks, and spin and shoot, and various tactics. But practice, practice, practice. This game is about more then just flying and shooting.

Don't get locked into a style. I've tried the game with a gamepad, a joystick, keyboard, various input devices. I tried it with all the ships, I tried runs with X where all we did was just destroy the carrier 14 times in S&D, or just destroyed turrets. I've done runs only using guns and no missiles or vice versa. I've done ones with 10 on 10 teams where I didn't allow myself to kill at all, just fly in the center and not dying. So don't just play the game, but test yourself, and make up rules that push your technique and style to the limits and challenge your style. 380 levels later, I am still trying to come up with new ways to turn, twist, use the asteroids, aim better, and step up my game.

Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes. That is how I find targets behind asteroids and sneak up on them, is following the gunshots. This is a bit trickier now that they made all the gunshots from the players the same color, but if you follow everything happening on the screen, you get used to being able to figure out who is who just by gunshot directions. So don't give your position away with useless gunshots, and burn up your gun. Listen to the Carrier your carriers gunshots when you are near, and watch where it shoots to help you discover where targets are sneaking up from. Don't shoot when following a target just because you are behind them. I try to get a good missile lock and let fly before I start shooting, so its too late for them to dodge missiles. Soon as I feel gunshots on my back, I start rolling, dodging, and weaving, and after a while you start to be able to predict exactly how to mess with another players head to get away while they burn up their gun, and dodge their missiles. So, don't warn them of your attack until its too late. Likewise, sometimes I will shoot randomly in brief shots to lure people to a trap, or antagonize them. Just think about your opponent, use gunshots strategically, not merely for kills.

I do this all the time. You have to know what you are doing. But I don't do this randomly, know what you are doing! If you are attacking a heavier armored plane, fly by it and circle around, do not ram it. If it is a weaker armored faster plane, sometimes I will ram it to stop them in their tracks so I can get them. If their armor is low, Ill push the throttle to fly through them as they die to mess with someone trying to track me. There is more, but mainly, this is an artform so don't go in there all crazy. Analyze the situation, and make a judgement call each time on how to do it and practice it. 

Know which track and which don't. Seriously. G Wiz is very correct about this. And weapon ranges. Except when using it in psychological warfare.

Learn to tap your thrusters as needed, not hold them down. I use my thrusters almost the entire game, but it is in small taps constantly with brief periods of cool down, and an occasional burst. To many people make the mistake of holding down the spacebar like its racing game, and that is what makes you move.

I've seen only a handful of other players get this down. Its deadly when performed in a Mamba. If you can do this, it will seriously enhance your game in any craft.

I don't want to give this away, but I will give a hint. I started doing this ages ago, and it put me at a serious advantage to everyone else, and so far I think X is the only person to figure this out as I have started seeing him do it lately. If you figure it out, you will be on a new level. My hint is this. Sometimes to run faster, you need to walk backwards.
Great advice from a great player! Some of these techniques are not easy. don't get frustrated. Remember it's a game and the idea here is to have FUN. Practice, practice, practice. There are some awesome players out there hopefully give there two cents too. Thanks guys !

* someone should take this info and consolidate it. , Ed?  lol as if he doesn't have enough to do.  a few more posts and I might put something together with bullet points and what not.
Ferc Polo has graciously put these points together on the new forums, here. Thanks Ferc ! 
... hmm forum moderator in your future? ...

Skill is the Great Equalizer
about the SOMETHING SPECIAL... I'm not sure I understand. I hope someday you can tell me what does that riddle mean.

Skill is the Great Equalizer I believe means even if you have something weaker than the opponent with skill you are on equal ground

Static, the only addendum I'd add is to the Head to Head section.  You should probably add:  "unless you're in a bomber, NEVER go head to head with an A-80 Barracuda."  Both the FH-100 and FH-200 have no chance head to head with all that armor and twin lock-rockets.
This was written back before there was an A80.  But good advice is never fly directly head to head against anything.

Darn, I keep forgetting how new my baby is.  

I learned this the hard way last night and have amended my ways.
Good times on US East super early this morning.  It was like 0340 Local EDT when I finally pulled myself away.

Exactly practicing is the best way to get better whenever you practice try all sorts of different tactics practicing on a server with CTF (capture the flag for all the newbies) so you can practice dodging the bullets launched at you and running away from several shots.

Anyone who has any comments just reply!

SliStream (in game name)

Another trick for surviving, if you are attacking bomber and when someone shoots you from behind, ram into the bomber and bounce off from it, turn, shoot back. It works several times for me.
A similar trick to this that I've done from time to time with the Piranha, is if I need to spin faster or change direction, ill bounce flat bottomed off of an asteroid, and it will stop and repossition you very quickly. I'll have to try this ram turn from a bomber though, that sounds helpful!
just don't do this with a Sidewinder ...
Well~, you can survive the collision in a sidewinder, but the thing's so light you'll probably die from colliding with an asteroid. The other issue is you can't be going too fast or you basically just turned yourself into a kamekazi pilot.
These comments are turning helpful hints for newbies into a complete guide to become one of us.
No kidding! We should moonlight as personal trainers lol
we could charge money or He-3   muahahahahahaha !
He-3 is the currency of the galaxy, yo!

Something me and X have been doing is developing a method for destroying carriers using just a Piranha (or other Heavy Fighter). We've been doing carrier kill races against each other with this.


It is a bit tracky, you have to accelerate in bursts, and drift to shoot and fire missiles during the brief slowdown, while trying to stay roughly mid ships to avoid gun fire with semi constant erratic movement. It is a slow kill (neither of us have been able to solo more then two carriers in one S&D mission), but it has the advntage of being safer over the B Series ship in the respect of avoiding the turrets (I've been able to kill the carrier twice without dying at all) and being fast enough to respond to intercepting enemies and take them out while getting back to your task at hand with minimal to no dependance on team support. Also, the speed of the FH Series of ship is fast enough to ge tthere with minimal damage, enough heat recovery to maintain guns firing on the ship the entire time whereas the F-3 Series ships burns out their guns too quick to maintain the attack, and run out of accelerator. Also the FHs have enough armor to keep on going and recover from any hits they do receive.


Like I said, its a bit tricky, especially since missing any shot means spending longer time circling the carrier, and try to stay midships. Other then that, its a lot of fun and tends to take people by surprise.

Digital Count
Not sure if this is really a guideline, or just a bug that I should report to the game-makers.
The new design of carriers created a quite odd "bug", that teorically makes it possible to destroy a whole carrier with any ship.
Head to the bottom, where there are the thrusters of the Carrier. You'll see that in the roof (the part that isn't flat) there is a small difference in height, which makes you invisible to the inside turrets. Just stick in there, and you have the chance to strike the "thrusters" of the carriers without being hit endlessly... untill pilots find you
I had noticed this, but don't use it. These are transient details, that can vanish in an instant when a new model carrier is rolled out for example, so I try to rely on techniques will last the test of time, and thing this is more about discussing those sorts of techniques.  I would call it more of a bug.
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Another post to put this one back on the recent topics list for everyone....

A couple more thoughts for the new players:

-Don't chase down and try to shoot your own flag bearer in CTF mode.  It draws attention away from the enemy swarm right behind him.  Learn which color you should be protecting and which you should be trying to capture.

-Use the terrain proactively in evasive flying.   I see a lot of Mamba pilots try to evade in open space, usually over-steering and bleeding precious speed, or when giving chase, slam themselves into the asteroids.

-Situation awareness.  Just because you don't see an enemy indicator around your Carrier doesn't mean no one is there.  I have seen a couple games where a player in an FH/B is camped out behind the carrier---destroying turrets one after the other.

-Help a brother out.  If you see a bandit on a team mates tail---take him out ASAP.  You save your team having to wait for that player to respawn at base.  Also, its no shame to run screen/escort for the bomber pilots.

Fly aggressively---fast and with purpose

Great post Snubbs

go off the rails is quite easy with mamba, less mass impact on that ship will hell especially on the free to fly ship . aslo thrue that learn to drive on the snowy ground with time teach deeply.
of course these are old and some no longer apply but you guys have done a great job of updating and upkeep of this thread. The kudos really belongs to everyone who has posted here. Give yourselves a hand.  http://moonbreakers.forumotion.com/    these forums are much better btw. we should leave this forum just for dev talk and bug issues/updates etc.

Skill is the Great Equalizer

Here's some of my own tactics to add to the pot:

Engage on your terms 
- Ambushes, quick passes through furballs, and tag teaming.  You have a higher chance of guaranteeing a kill if they don't see you coming or you have friends.   Lurking behind rocks at slow speeds until some one streaks by and tail them, dive through a combat and shoot at whoever crosses your sights, or fall in with a wingman to combine firepower are all examples of this.  Where possible disengage, get your shields back, and then pick a new target.

Carriers are Fun and pack a punch -  Avoid fighting in range of your opponents carrier unless the mission requires it, no need to risk getting pasted by a turret while dogfighting.  Conversely bait your opponents to fight as close to your carrier as you can.

Avoid tunnel vision - This is slightly different than situational awareness though there is overlap.  What i'm speaking to here is locking in on a target and forgetting the rest of the battle.  For my part if the target isn't dead in 10 seconds disengage get your bearings and reengage.  The easiest way to get tailed is to hold a tail.

Pay Attention to the Mission - this is a big one less for individual skill but more to winning rounds and teamwork.  Credits are weighted to the game type you get more for certain thigns and everything else is worth less - seek and destroy is kills; Carrier assault is turrets, missiles, and carrier damage; CTF is flag pickups deliveries and kill a flag bearer.  If you play to what you get the best credits you will help your team win more, just going out and dogfighing isn't necessarily going to help you gain creds or win a  match.  For example a player in Carrier assault with 2 kills 5 turrets an 3 carrier hits will out score a player with 20 kills.

hey guys
i am relitivly new to the game and yet even i have figured out some things that throw others off and give you a small or big advantage,
first off, DON'T be predictable, i see alot of people in bombers etc. flying the same route continuosly, (e.g. in broken moon) always flying under and from the same place, making it easy as pie (mmmmh, piiiiiie) to set up a ambush.
also, try not to get missle lock when going round a corner, or in a asteroid feild, as this alerts your prey that there is a dangerous foe behind them.
third, we (hopefully) all know that turning while rolling in the opposite direction will make a faster turn, but also, rolling the same way provokes a MUCH faster turn, but u will lose all momentum and start traveling ackwards, this is godd when you cant shake a fast tail, as you will be able to kill them in the breif seconds of head on combat, don't do when u can shake oponent, or if the oponent is in a bomber or h fighter
i have found these tactics work well
In a Light Fighter when on the tail of an enemy if another bat gets on your tail:  Jink left, jink right, hit boost and pull hard left then snap back to the right.  You will dodge incoming fire with the two setup jinks, and then slide out and around the target presenting a beautiful top down angle of attack.  Boost towards the target and eliminate it en route, fly through the explosion, snap right or left, kill the pursuer.  

oh yes , sound easy .

(no , seriusly , tkx for the nice tip...just one thing....what is jink and snap meen ?)

:-)  good good .


jink would be a short, quick motion to one side or the other.  in Moon Breakers move your mouse slightly to the left or right so that your ship changes course a bit.

snap would be very quick, very sharp turn done by moving the mouse all the way to the left or right of the screen and counter-steering with A and D

Bump - unshameful bump