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Binho Silva 5 years ago • updated by Arnobio Lima 4 years ago 14
 Cant Play D:
Loki 5 years ago • updated 3 years ago 69
As our squadrons keep growing, we've had to change the sites we were using to manage them.

http://moonbreakers.forumotion.coma forum better than Google Groups and it also has a live chatbox. I suggest squad members, owners and applicants register there. Since this forum is intended for project feedback and support, we should move our discussions to some place else and keep this place clean.  

And to keep things in a single location;

Ventrilo Server : moonbreakers.darkstarvent.com   Port 3997

this is a free download that allows you to talk (or just listen) 

- Loki

Seth Thoma 5 years ago • updated by Loki 4 years ago 82
There are a few things I'd like to point out that would make this game even more enjoyable than it currently is:

  • Make it possible to pick a lobby or "game" to join. Kind of like a server browser.
  • Kind of connected to that, perhaps a better way to chat? Its kinda crappy to be talking to someone and their reply disappears because chat shares with announcements.
  • Voice chat?
  • Friends list, which I suppose you could later add "clan" functionality into.
  • I like how the control scheme sort of mimics Freelancer. Freelancer was a terrific game and Moon Breakers reminds me of it. Possible controller support in the future? 
  • Consider lowering the CRED cost for at least some of the ships, as it can take a very long time of getting decimated before you can get a better ship. I wanted to support you guys so I bought some HE-3 but still. 
  • Fullscreen mode?
  • How about instead of the upgrades like what we have now, you spend cred on actual modules and turrets to make your ship better? Again similar to Freelancer. 
I have a few more but I need to think about them a bit more. Let me know if you like them so far? 
Jesse Warden 5 years ago • updated by Web Trans 5 years ago 4
Every time to I play, I have re-download the 11 meg module and 138 megs assets file. Why aren't you caching all/parts of this file?
William Johnson (Engineer) 5 years ago • updated by longshot 5 years ago 48
The most active members of our community have started their own forum.  They handle play tips, vent, chat and other stuff.  Better yet, they are probably more active at responding to questions then the devs are, so hop over there if you get a chance.

We mainly use this forum for announcements and bug reporting.  If you want something more causal and community focused go to: Moonbreakers.forumotion.com


abraham adams 5 years ago • updated by Complex Lain 4 years ago 14
Is there a way to put in joystick support? I have a wicked awesome joystick from Logitech and wish i could use it to play this game. 
Lord Static 5 years ago • updated by Snubby 5 years ago 23
This is really nothing more then a sort of random brainstorming of ideas and concepts to just toss out there and see what ideas it sparks. Enjoy (Or don't!)



    TIME: 15 Min
    CONCEPT: Carriers move into position and each launch a space drill that begins to drill the moon to crack it open. The goal of the opposing team is to destroy the drill of the opposing team. IF the drill is destroyed, the Carrier will eventually relaunch a new one after a downtime. Whichever sides drill cracks the moon wins. Allow Nukes from bombers to aid in cracking the moon, though have nukes do damage akin to what normal gunshots would do to a Carrier.
    Allow players to select to man a turret for 30 second brackets during ship selection, or perhaps man a turret until they decide to abandon it to return to a ship. This would aid in increasing the intelligence of the Carrier defense as times.
    TIME: 10 MIN
    CONCEPT: Have the carriers attempt to use a tractor beam to capture and draw asteroids from the field one at a time. The players must defend the carrier operations and attempt to stop the opposing teams harvest. Destroying the opposing teams tractor array downs the array for 30 seconds before it is rebooted. Destroying the Carrier obviously also downs the tractor beam. The team which captures the most wins.


  • Allow for coloring, skin, logo, flag options from a library of options to be purchased with HE-3/Credit to add uniqueness for players willing to invest.
  • Chaff.
    Have this work similiar to Thrusters, so you can't use them often, but they can be occasionally handy to disrupt missiles or create a smokescreen behind you to obscure vision of someone behind.

  • Squadron/Tribe
    Allow players to spend HE-3/Credit to purchase a name/emblem for a Squadron/Tribe that people can join. This does not mean you will be assigned to one side or the other, merely that when you are on assigned to a particular side, it will show you as being a member of whatever Squadron or Tribe for that faction (Government/Pirate) that you have elected to be a part of. Thus Pirates would actually be groups of roving tribes working in semi cohesion for shared profits, and the Government would have Squadrons they kept in tow and took with them to engagements.


I'm inclined to error on the side of suggesting a slight advantage to those players who achieve more levels. While agreeing game balance should not be unbalanced, a fraction of a fraction custimizable difference in things such as top speed, turn rate, gun max heat, recovery rate for gun or thrusters, would be interesting to see. If you were allotted .01% to assign to any one area each level, it would still take 100 levels just to receive a 1% difference in any one category. Minute differences while not being game changing, would still be important and valued, as well as giving a token reward and encouregement to people as they level and allow for some variety in design of fighters, styles, and gameplay. (since it would be 10000 levels dedicated to one stat before seeing it ever actually double, and that would require neglecting other areas entirely)


My idea for this is similair to what we have seen in other game as "Badges" that are awarded for completion of tasks. This would also give more to do to experienced players to occupy their time then merely soaking up kills, and expand a level of gameplay. The general concept would be that each player would have a profile that would display a ribbon and medal bar similiar to that worn by contemporary military members. Not knowing the inner working so rscope of the database structure, data being tracked, etc, here are merely some suggestions to start.

  • Space Service Medal (Missions Completed)
    The obvious suggestion is a ribbon for X number of missions completed. Say, 100 missions, and then a bronze leaflet or adornment on the ribbon for each increment x2 (100, 200, 400, 800, etc) up to four bronze, then silver, up to four silver and then to gold for an approxmate maximum of 2mil missions)
  • Expeditionary Medal (KILLS)
    Similar to the Expiditionary Medal, but for kills. Start at 1k kills.

  • Flying Cross (CARRIER KILLS)
    Similar to the Expiditionary Medal, but for Carrier kills only. Start at 10 Carrier kills.

  •  Space Defense Service Medal (Torps destroyed)
    Similar to the Expeditionary Medal, but for torps/missiles destroyed only. Start at 100 torps/missiles destroyed.

  • Combat Action Medal (Assists)
    Similiar to the Expiditionary Medal, but for assists. Start at 100 assists.

  •  Sharpshooter Medal (Turret kills)
    Similiar to the Expiditionary Medal, but for turrets destroyed. Start at 100 turrets destroyed.

  1. Other ideas that came to mind would be:
  2. Number of times survived Asteroid collisions.
  3. Destroying multiple Turrets without dying.
  4. Performing multiple torp hits on a carrier without dying.
  5. Number of times survived collision with enemy planes.
  6. Number of times survived collision with friendly plane.
  7. Distance flown.
  8. Distance flown using thrusters.
  9. Number of times mission completed without using thrusters.
  10. Number of kills using only gun.
  11. Number of kills without assist.
  12. Number of times mission completed without missiles. (While making at least one kill)
  13. Number of times mission completed without guns. (While making at least one kill)
  14. Number of missiles avoided.
  15. Number of times shields have replenished back up.
  16. Number of deaths.
  17. Number of enemies killed by collision.
  18. Number of times being inside the enemy hangar.
  19. Number of times flown Light/Mid/Heavy planes (While making at least one kill)

For those familiar with things like the Navy ESWS/ASW (the silver emblem worn above the ribbons) there could be one of those for those who have achieved a selected group of the medals all at the minimum level.


Assign ranks based on levels. While this does not need to add any game play functionally to things, it is more merely adding to the theme by giving everyone a broader sense of reality of the game, by seeing themselves follow an Admiral into battle, while growing up as a young Airman, eventually to a Chief, and on into the Officer ranks as a budding LT, finally making Captain, and eventually becomming that Admiral himself.

CNOHigher Level Player in the Game
FLEET ADMIRALTop %5 of leveled players in the game
LTLevel 400
ENSLevel 300

E1 - E9(Airman - Master Chief) New Rank each 25 levels.
clarence tai 5 years ago • updated by Complex Lain 3 years ago 27
i played this game in south east asia and was able to connect and play with a dude...but after an hour i could not connect and play. Is there a maintenance going on or is it just me.

i really do hope more ppl ply this game... it is the only thing this game need

Nickolas Pulsipher 5 years ago • updated by Ferc Polo 5 years ago 20
I've played several games where all the experienced players end up on one team, which makes it no fun for either team.

Max Rafferty 5 years ago • updated by Daniel Silalahi 4 years ago 39
Based on other games like this, and their success, you will probably need to add a way to get free He-3, or many players (especially younger) won't like your game. also, it is unlikely your game will ever be considered someone's main game, rather a way to blow off steam, and these people won't join if they can't even sue a heavy fighter.